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I’m ready to make a real, measurable impact in my community by committing to make micro-activities every day that makes me feel happier and healthier!

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Well, we got good news. This challenge isn’t all that challenging. And that might be the greatest thing about LYC… LYC believes the littlest actions that can make the biggest difference. We help you achieve your pledge by breaking it down into tiny steps… we call them micro-activities. Small, doable types of “easy everyday” kinds of stuff. They’re small simple actions, but when you add them all up, they make a big difference.

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Let’s take action together by focusing on what matters…let’s take what’s wrong. And make it right. Social inequalities, sustainability, unity, wellness, mental health…around here these topics aren’t off-limits. They’re important!

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If not now, then when?

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LYC community member spotlight: Emma J.

Emma J. is 26 years old and lives in Chicago. She works for a tech company in user experience design, teaches yoga on weekday nights, and loves live music. While she has made her career a priority over the past few years, she is wanting to get back in tune with herself and focus on what makes her happy: doing good. While walking to work one morning Emma came across an LYC “I Matter” billboard. She was immediately drawn to what it had to offer, downloaded the app, took the LYC pledge, and is making big changes in the world, every day. Emma linked up with someone like her in her apartment complex by bonding over their love of sustainability and volunteering. One day per weekend, they work together at a woman’s shelter.
LYC makes beautiful things happen.

“Someday” never comes. Today’s the day.

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The “I Matter” Campaign

If you live in a major city, you might be noticing LYC’s “I Matter” campaign. If you see it, take a picture or a screenshot and upload it to your socials and tag us @lycpledge and use the hashtags #LYC #IMatter.

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