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“The LYC Lifestyle”.

The LYC PLEDGE is a commitment to add wellness activities to your daily routine. The activities make both you and your community better.

The Pledge consist of 8 wellness goals that you agree to make part of your life. The goals activities are broad so there is room for everyone with a variety of activities. 

 LYC creates social impact through wellness activities

Help make a better world by living the LYC Lifestyle!

Click an icon for an example of a goal activity.

Giving Back
I will do something to help someone

Mother Earth
I will love and protect Mother Earth

Be Social
I will try to get to know my neighbors, co-workers, or classmates

Open Your Mind
I will explore points of view that are different from mine

Be Courteous
I will be courteous to others in public places and on the Internet

Shop Local
I will support local small businesses in my community

I will listen to and share at least one song a day that makes me feel better, happier, inspired or enlightened

Your Best Health
I will do my best to embrace healthy eating and exercising habits, and an overall lifestyle of wellness.

Love Your Community

LYC Pledge is where wellness is accessible to all.  We are the only community to…

Provide a toolset for living a healthy, happy life
Provide connections for people and their community
Provide membership privileges (coming soon)
Create wellness activities and experiences
Make wellness accessible to everybody
Deliver a comprehensive approach to wellness

Create a LYC lifestyle!

See how to below.

Share a post about a pledge goal you upheld

Organize wellness activities for yourself and others

Inspire others and invite them to make the pledge

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