Wellness Groups

When you make the Pledge, you’re making a decision to be a better you. It’s a decision to be an active participant in the pursuit of your wellness goals. Making the LYC Pledge is saying YES to your best mental, physical, social and community health. Commit Create / Join Creating/Joining a wellness group is how you find others with the same goals and passions; groups is how you find your tribe. Groups is how you find your fun! Once you have your group, you want to organize events, share those activities to inspire and motivate. Meaningful connections will follow: daily, weekly, or monthly. Connect It's Easy It's Easy!

  1. Download the app.

  2. Setup your profile.

  3. Go to the Groups screen in the app.

  4. Tap the +Create Group button.

  5. Name your group and upload a photo.

  6. Provide a description of your group; include purpose and all relevant details.

  7. Select whether your group will be Public or Private.

  8. Invite others to join. If your group is private, your invite must include the name of your group so it can be located by invitees.

  9. If you want to invite people who are not part of your contact list on your mobile phone, go to our FAQ page and copy the suggested email.