The Pledge

/The Pledge

The LYC Pledge App is a tool set that makes wellness easy and accessible to all. It’s designed to motivate and inspire because we believe every person should have the opportunity to be their best self.

By providing a comprehensive approach to wellness, our goal is to build communities.

You pledge to participate in 8 activities that are proven to make you and your community a little bit better.

One of the key features of the app is the ability to create and discover groups; here you can find people who have the same interests as you. Studies have shown that people are wanting in-person interaction; that’s what creating or joining a group provides. It’s a way for people who are like-minded to find one another.

Simply download our free wellness/health app, then you are on your way to loving yourself and your community a bit more.

Why should I make the Pledge and join the LYC community?

You make the Pledge and join the community because you want to be proactive in your wellness goals. Today, wellness is all encompassing; it’s your physical and mental health, it’s keeping your stress levels down, it’s being connected to those around you. The LYC Pledge allows you to do that and more in one place. You join LYC because you want to do.

How Does the LYC Pledge Work?

Simply Pledge to make the following 8 Love Your Community goals a part of your daily life and you’re on your way. Each Day:

1. I will try to do something to help someone.
2. I will love and respect Mother Earth.
3. I will try to get to know my neighbors, co-workers or classmates.
4. I will try to explore points of view that are different from my own.
5. I will be courteous to others in public places and on the Internet.
6. I will support local small businesses in my community.
7. I will listen to and share at least one song a day that makes me feel better, happier,
inspired, or enlightened.
8. I will do my best to embrace healthy eating and exercise habits and an overall
lifestyle of wellness.

Why Does the LYC Pledge Work?

An ever-growing body of research shows us that The Pledge activities can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health and can contribute to a longer, happier, and fuller life.

Is the LYC Pledge for Everybody?

No, it’s not. It’s for those who are committed to wellness, community, and change. Are you ready for the Pledge? Download the app today and join us.